Month: February 2018

February 27, 2018 gtutt44 51 comments

[Music] this video is entitled the interior office building cleaning part 1 the 7 step program for cleaning offices and other rooms inside an office building 1 get ready to discard paper debris 3 empty waste baskets and recycle containers for dust horizontal surfaces 5 spot clean walls and windows 6 vacuum and mop floors…

February 27, 2018 gtutt44

>> I think as a child growing up, you know, you really are a product of your environment. Born and raised here in Minneapolis. Growing up in this community at a young age I understood how rewarding it was to be of service to others in need. Later into my senior year, I knew that…

February 27, 2018 gtutt44 393 comments

Microsoft Surface Studio is a new category of device, designed to put you at the center of the creative process. Turn your desk into a Studio. Learn more: Audio Description Video:

February 25, 2018 gtutt44 482 comments

A handful of exciting finishes on the last day of the 2018 Winter Olympics as well as a preview of tonight’s closing ceremony at 8pm ET on NBC. Watch it here:

February 25, 2018 gtutt44 27 comments

How To Download Microsoft Office 2018 FULL Version For FREE Download Link:

February 25, 2018 gtutt44 127 comments

hello ladies and gentlemen this is your boy Jeremiah and I have a treat for all of my travelers anybody who trouble anybody who want to travel anybody who’s thinking about traveling anybody who who when they dream about going somewhere Hey anywhere stand in a hotel to a cruise to to whatever I have…

February 25, 2018 gtutt44 45 comments

We challenged our 14,000 employees to document their year of travel in 2016. This is their story. Visit for the largest selection of hotels, homes and everything in between in 100,000+ destinations around the world: Book Here <p> </p></div></div></div></div></div></div></div

February 23, 2018 gtutt44 39 comments

hi my name is Carly and I work with covered California millions of Californians have signed up for quality health care through covered California even though the open enrollment period has ended you may still be able to sign up right now if you’ve experienced a life-changing event there are several life events that may…

February 23, 2018 gtutt44 5 comments

hey guys in this video I’m going to show you how to create a wordpress website from one an one com hosting company it’s very easy I’ve been using hosting company for a while now it’s a great great hosting company um the pricing is pretty great and website is very very reliable the…

February 23, 2018 gtutt44 1,279 comments

hi it’s all over here with econ lab and welcome to part one of the class on how to build your first ecommerce stop and they’ll be showing you how to sign up for your first Shopify account this is a really easy process and will take you just a few minutes as you can…

February 23, 2018 gtutt44 430 comments

so next on our agenda is an update on the California secure choice program from the treasurer’s office and we’re honored to have none other than our own colleague and State Treasurer John Chung making our presentation today welcome John thanks Anna in the to stand for this opportunity to give you an update on…

February 2, 2018 gtutt44 No comments exist

Coveredca. Special Enrollment Period SEPCoveredca. Enrollment  is now closed 2/2/18.  We are now into SEP.  Special Enrollment Period to find out more read this—-or call to speak to an agent—909-656-4885   Special Enrollment Consumers who experience a qualifying life event can enroll in a Covered California health insurance plan even outside of the open-enrollment period….