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March 18, 2018 gtutt44 32 comments

Greetings HCA supporters! We are sending this message to our HCA-CA supporters from the California Nurses Association, one of our key partners in the Healthy California Campaign, about a statewide activist call this Wednesday . Please be sure to RSVP using the links provided below.

Thanks to all who participate in these important events!

~ Dan Hodges and Pat Snyder, HCA-CA liaisons to the Healthy California Campaign

Greetings healthcare activists!

Hundreds of you joined a statewide call in December to learn about the strategy to pass SB 562 and secure Medicare for All in California. Since then, we’ve continued to knock on doors, canvass at grocery stores and farmers markets, make phone calls, and more.

Since then we’ve also endured months of sham hearings from the Assembly Select Committee. A month ago, over 800 of us showed up in Sacramento to pack a key hearing in the Capitol.

Unsurprisingly, we’re under attack in the media and by the Select Committee which just this week finally released a report with conclusions from their series of hearings. They called for “a variety of ways to lower health care costs and reduce the ranks of the uninsured” rather than the single payer system we so desperately need.

Join an important call this Wednesday, March 21st with the California Nurses Association for a strategy briefing on our plan to pass SB 562, and to learn how you can get involved to help us win Medicare for All in California. If you haven’t gotten involved yet, don’t worry — this is a great chance to get started.

SB 562 Statewide Activist Call

Wednesday, March 21st at 6:00 PM

Sign up for the call now!

We know their patchwork, incremental proposals won’t solve our healthcare crisis. We’ve said all along that the Select Committee was an attempt to stall actual progress on SB 562 — and we were right. Now more than ever, we need to push back. Together, we can win this – but we have to keep the pressure on.

This is an important opportunity to get an update on strategy, organizing plans and your role in the campaign to pass SB 562 as we enter a new stage in the fight.

Please join us Wednesday, March 21st. The California Nurses Association will provide a strategy update on SB 562 and lay out our top priorities for the remainder of the legislative session.

We know they are feeling the heat. At the recent California Democratic Party Convention in San Diego, the Sacramento Bee reported that Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon had to avoid the convention and instead hold private meetings in his hotel because of “the nurses public shaming” on Medicare For All.

Thanks for everything you are doing. It’s definitely making a difference.


Holly Miller and Don Nielsen,

California Nurses Association

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 Hi this just in and I wanted to share this with you.  the California Senate just voted to pass a single-payer medicare-for-all bill this is a huge victory now the Sacramento Bee reports the California Senate approved the measure Thursday aimed at establishing a government-run universal health care system in the Golden State the system which would replace Obamacare or what follows it under the trump administration would dramatically overhaul the health care market in California approved on a 23 to 14 vote it now moves on to the assembly with president Trump's promise to abandon the Affordable Care Act as we know it it leaves millions without access to care and Californians are once again tasked to lead said Senator Ricardo Lara Senate bill 562 will finally enable California to cover all of its residents creating a healthier and stronger state under the plan government would renegotiate prices with doctors hospitals and other providers acting as the single payer for everyone's health care in the place of insurance companies all Californians would receive coverage regardless of immigration status or ability to pay so this is a gigantic step in the right direction now of course as we all could have predicted this bill is being attacked by both Democrats and Republicans because currently there's no funding mechanism for this bill however there are many ways to fund the bill so the Sacramento Bee continues University of Amherst researchers estimated that it would cost 331 billion to pay for the plan a sharp decrease from the 400 billion price tag detailed in a Senate analysis released in May the nurses figure also represents an 18 percent decrease from current health care spending in the state the nurses say the legislature can count on 225 billion in existing federal and state funding used for health coverage for low-income Californians as well as other tax subsidies to help pay the tab the study suggests lawmakers also create two new taxes in the state a 2.3 percent gross tax on business revenue above 2 million and a 2.3 percent general sales tax on everything except housing utilities groceries and other necessities so there you have it are many ways to fund this bill but because this version of the bill doesn't include a funding mechanism people are throwing their hands up saying oh there's no funding mechanism there's no way to pay for this you know this is pie in the sky know this this isn't pie in the sky this is real life this bill passed and yes when they do include the funding mechanism which they haven't agreed to yet they will have to revote on this bill in the Senate but the fact that it passed by 23 to 14 shows that they have wiggle room and California may have done something that will one day lead to nationwide single-payer because I've said it once I'll say it again when states try something new sometimes you see the domino effect you see it spill over into other states they said the same thing about marijuana that it was harmful that you know children would be smoking more marijuana but Colorado is raking in the dough right now they legalize marijuana along with Washington State two years later Oregon and Alaska fell two years later California and Maine fell so it just takes one state to get the ball rolling and we already see another bill in New York working its way through the state legislature so this to me is just one of the biggest victories we can get right now at a time when Trump is withdrawing from the Paris climate agreement and net neutrality is under attack to have this victory now hang on to it it feels good and we should feel good about this because this is the result of grassroots activists in California fighting the good fight so if you are a California citizen you know exactly what to do you need to call your local elected officials and you've got to put pressure on them tell them to support this bill the bill was sbeam 560 deal called the governor of california if you don't reside in the state of california because this is something that this isn't just about california this is about the United States of America victory for California with respect to Medicare for all is a victory for every single state because if California gets Medicare for all Oregon might get it two years later and then Washington the New York so again if we really want to save lives and end the health care debate forever this is the way to go so I want to send a huge shout-out and thank you to Senator Lara in the state of California because we was courageous he fought for this he pushed it and to anyone that voted in favor of this bill you are an American Hero I don't know what your politics are besides this but to vote for this makes you a hero this will save lives and it's the right thing to do so this is this is phenomenal news this is monumental support this podcast by joining the independent progressive media revolution today at humanist

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