California Single Payer Health Care SB 562

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and the floors our computer decide to feed okay well we had a pretty we had a successful lobbied a successful rally yeah and I saw others rally so we’re very excited about this bill SB 562 the healthy California Act we feel like the time is now this is a bill that would establish an improved Medicare for All system it’s covering all the residents of California Haga okay are we ready to make Google healthcare a human right in California Mobile yes we are yes we are because when we talk about healthcare we’re talking about justice when we talk about healthcare we’re talking about equality what are we talking about healthcare we’re talking about the society we want to live in and our society is based on justice and equality and I am so damn tired of doing conservatives talk about freedom as if the freedom to choose a health plan amounts to anything it doesn’t it doesn’t freedom means being healthy freedom means getting the care you need without regard to whether you can pay for it freedom means having a healthy society where we can all here I say thrive and the truth is the truth is we know that the only way we’re going to create that Society the only way we’re going to have the freedom to live in this society as healthy human beings is to guarantee health care for all and SB five six – we’ll do that in California and this is not this is not an effort to simply score points we are here with a mission I like to say live serious a live serious mission and we will not stop we will not be deterred by people who want to hide behind some notions all we can’t afford it we’re not going to be deterred by notions that somehow California can’t do it all I hear is how California can take on climate change and the climate crisis California can do Trainz California can do anything well if California can do that California can pass SB five six two and we know we know it’s a new day in California when the hell for all movement is coming together with the seniors movement California Alliance and retired Americans health care for all California partners hey go okay we’re back brain there you go so I’m not I’m not excitement huh yes and you heard Michael say it would be like a Medicare for All system where every resident of California is covered yeah and you’re the healthcare system out James Patel’s doctors everybody would remain in place yeah but there would be the co-pays and the deductibles that make health care so on accessible and the biggest thing for me as a nurse is that the insurance companies would not be dictating your care then your care would be back between you and your doctor and all the other health care professionals would be deciding what is medically necessary what’s the what’s the community standard what’s the most efficient method of treatment right well how about um you know how does this differ with some of the aspects of you know Obamacare as far the pre-existing conditions is follow the improvements that were made in the Affordable Care Act were great and that will be for excuse me folded into the healthy California so we want to improve upon what we have currently and this is going to be comprehensive you know the comprehensive care things that are lacking currently like dental care that would be covered even for seniors the the Medicare Part B co-pays would be eliminated so again it would be more comprehensive care at a lower cost and cutting out the middleman which is the insurance company exactly you were talking about you know how as a nurse it’s very difficult to to be treating patients and then thinking that they cannot afford to get this kind of treatment because it’s expensive and they can get this treatment so it’s like the insurance company is dictating what care they get versus what care they need exact so I take care of patients within the hospital after they’ve had major surgery and it’s always a struggle and an injustice to see what they can’t get that they need exactly exactly and then for for a lot of people that’s determined by what kind of time they have absolutely right and so how is this going to get set up I know this it’s a work in progress and there’s still a lot of financials that need to be worked up the legislative analyst office came up with a general scope of the projection on the cost but still that needs to be reanalyzed in relationship to the kind of cost savings that is going to happen based on the fact that now we wouldn’t have to worry about the insurance companies and overheads of administration and so and so forth so what single payer systems are more effective right they can control cause right and currently we can’t control drug prices we can’t control what hospitals are charging we can’t control the increases in the premiums of healthcare insurance companies so right now we have an unsustainable program and it’s frankly a moral program that you get the health care you can afford in exactly now you have some slides here do you want to go over okay so um there we go um these are excellent so if you can just kind of walk a throw back okay health care is so complicated and but we have a for-profit system right and that’s the difference is there’s a lot of money that’s not going to care a lot of money that’s going to Arkadiy and high extremely high executive salaries I think I heard a figure of over a hundred million dollars or going to CEO salaries exactly so it’s not going to care right right and yeah this one talks about how we pay three times for our medications or drugs than other than the especially the UK to me that’s incredible that we can’t negotiate drug prices and we’ve clearly seen the fallout this year when people can’t afford the rising cost of insulin EpiPens I mean there’s just there’s no morality on these drug companies that just want to profit you know Bernie Sanders a couple of months ago trying to Jews in Congress a way to control the cost what happened to that you amendment it I don’t remember but you know that’s that’s what we’re all this attention now is really exposing the dark side of this and big pharma the health insurance industry life they’re they’re putting a lot of money into a lot of people’s pockets exactly so that’s what we need to do is we need to get the money out of health care and provide care exactly exactly I mean I think they were talking about importing um drugs from Canada right that have been proven to be safe yeah and they’re saying oh well you know the people even Democrats voted against that well Democrats got some money from Big Pharma oh so we know what that’s all about I know it’s really to the question waiting isn’t it it’s very frustrating but that’s why you know we need to educate the public and we need to expose those our leaders that aren’t really leading for that people and exactly exactly okay so that’s talked about so again the Affordable Care Act was a great improvement but it doesn’t control costs premiums your co-pays and again the insurance industry still control their access and has the power to deny medication treatments equipment nursing care and again we know that people are self rationing they may be paying for a premium but they can’t access the care because they know they can’t afford the co-pays or they self ration medication harness ration medication I it’s so hard for me to like fathom that well no it’s I think when you’re trying to juggle whether it’s between you and your parent or yourself and your spouse or child you weigh those things and we’ve heard you know there’s horrendous stories nurses face of patients skipping meds and then having a stroke and things that could have been very prevented I’ve seen patients come in with their diabetes out of control they didn’t have the money to get tested they didn’t have the money to to see a physician to you know get the process of proper diabetic treatment horrible a lot of stuff is preventable and that’s that’s the injustice that nurses see at the bedside every day yeah yeah and an Intendant I guess the contradiction the irony of it is that you know America supposed to be the most powerful wealthiest nation in the world we’re supposed to be the country that that has all the opportunities in world and yet we have health care as a commodity right of a right and we’re and nurses and a lot of other people that are fighting for this physicians and community members believe that health care is our right exactly exactly and then you know our government gives foreign aids military aid to all the countries billions and billions of dollars sort of you know we’re talking about like you know high-speed rail it was clean we’re willing to pay for that and that’s that’s the absolute injustice is that especially California where this large we’d love to say we lead the nation right so goes California so goes the nation we have the sixth largest economy and yet we are somehow okay with people being on the street and people dying because of lack of health care exactly this is just all and then you know the speak and high spirit how much billions of dollars of these Bethan that I don’t know but I think that it is it’s like the bridge that was done all right we see how fares are right and that’s something that is have some very powerful lobbyists working on that right but we’re better than that California we’ve we’ve led on many things we can lead on this exactly exactly exactly okay now let’s talk about we talked about again okay so it’s also not universal exactly there’s many people that are not only under and covered under covered but not covered at all exactly exactly right and we as nurses know that it doesn’t matter what your socio-economic statuses or your immigration status illness and disease hits us all so you know what what’s that about this is as far as the cost goes and you know with you know with the Obamacare I think one of the biggest criticisms that people have a big you know if you’re poor and you can qualify for Medicaid you’re fine but you if you’re earning a living you’re a waiter and you’re getting tips and you make what thirty thousand dollars you don’t have enough money but you cannot afford health care because or health care I was like expensive you’re looking at three hundred four dollars a month which you cannot afford after you pay all your bills right and then here you’ve got the IRS after you it’s an immoral system and I say ah you know they say we’re the only we’re the only country where people still going excuse me are afraid of bankruptcy due to medical bills and it lives with you if you have medical debt that’s unpaid it affects the rest of your life you can’t get a loan probably can’t get it you know certain jobs are looking at that exactly exactly so anyway let’s look at this one this so this is the healthy California act sponsored by Senators Lara and the Atkins squeeze so basically ends means-testing everyone would be eligible by virtue of being a resident of California uh-huh and again the funds that we already received through medical the Affordable Care Act and CHIP benefits would be included in this trust California Healthy Care Trust excuse me healthy California act trust and then again in our system now it’s a probe it’s a for-profit system and so hospitals are consolidating they don’t want to serve areas that they don’t feel like are making money so this essential community clinics and other providers providers would have predictable stable funding yeah and we’d be able to serve people in rural areas much better I mean health care as much mean you know air especially weather to have hospitals or they have to travel very far and the other part too is with this patients could go to the provider of their choice currently insurance companies lock you into narrow networks yeah and so you can’t get the care you need or you have to go out of network which of course then you can’t afford to go out of network because there’s an extra cost well what does that mean going on in them so in your plan you’re only allowed to see certain physicians or access certain hospitals and clinics in this narrow Network okay but they may not have the provider that you need for your your specific illness elcome so going out of network you and Kure incur more costs which you can’t afford so if it’s a it is again it’s set up to profiteer off of your this property of your knees all right so in other words even like what you have a you have a certain conditions health condition serious health condition and then there’s a difference between the PPO or the MHO and you have to your position cannot say send you to a specialist right away you have to go through the steps yeah you may be denied a specialist right and have to fight that process to see yeah to get a second opinion or exactly a so you have to go through this step before they could say well okay you know push here it is you really desperately needed then don’t refer you to a specialist or less and how long will that take right I think the system you know currently you’re operating under is set up so that you’re constantly having to advocate and fight for yourself to get what you need and they’re hoping that you will give up and go away and then they you know that’s terrible and you put any pain I mean you’re clear your pain you’re paying for care you can’t afford to access exactly exactly that one and that’s kind of sad so some one of the key provisions of the positive this this slides sort of I think we kind of talked about this all never any business yeah again again it puts doctors and healthcare professionals back in charge of your care what you need so this is a comprehensive benefit list so we know that a lot of people have inadequate dental care that would be covered hearing aids alcohol and drug rehab hospice every you know it’s a lot more of a comprehensive program that would serve what patients actually need yeah right okay so this is a visual of the healthy California trust fund so all the revenue that we’re currently getting through the agency a chip medi-cal other federal subsidies would go into this trust fund and there was a study done last year through UCLA that shows that 70% of all healthcare costs are being paid by federal excuse me by tax payer dollars and seventy percent so we’re almost there and by cutting out the insurance company and their administrative costs their waste inefficiency their marketing that would I believe save about a hundred billion dollars so again a single-payer system is a more efficient a more efficient system and it would save save money so how much in terms of the breakdown so forty five percent of the people of health care are covered by their employers all right so those who are lucky to have employers pay for their health care then there’s what was the rest that there are people who are poor people who qualify on the Medicaid this is some percentage and then then the rest just don’t have health care so long as Medicare those people who are 65 and over so again it goes into one pile a single payer pile so whatever whether you’re wealthy or whether you’re unemployed your care will be covered under this trust fund okay it will be again the funding study will be out soon but it will be a progressive stable financing for most 95% of people will save money Yeah right and that would be so what how big of a fight okay I guess well I think again you know we’re saying the time panel this is here how big of a fight it’s a fight it’s a big lift but I think we’re kind of worried we’re part of a group of four million Californians that feel like this is something we should do we should invest in our citizens this is going to make us healthier we can lower business costs right people don’t have the fear of stain and a job because of you know so I feel like it will give get people to freedom to be entrepreneurs of California’s and take away the fear and the injustice of another I don’t have one there to go yeah so what do people need to do so please think you go to healthy see to learn more about this and to get updates we will be we’re calling senators that have not committed to this and we’re expecting this to go to the Senate floor on June 2nd so definitely go to healthy CA org and learn how you can help and get involved in the campaign and you have Valley’s going on – like influence variance I know I believe soon there’s going to be some action in Napa for Senator Dodd who has been resistant to sign on so look to see who your senator is and see if they’re supporting or not great and they descend on gentlemen there we go it’s we have to fight for everything you would expect that health care is something that we should just said but unfortunately were true that’s just not the case so gentlemen and ladies thank you so much for joining us again thank you

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