Does Your Business Qualify for SHOP?

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Does Your Business Qualify for SHOP?

shop marketplace health insurance for small business

Does Your Business

Qualify for SHOP?

If you’re considering Small Business Health Options Program (SHOP)– insurance for your small business or non-profit organization, you’ll generally need to meet these three requirements:

  • Be a small employer. You should have 1-50 full-time and full-time equivalent (FTE) employees, and have at least one common law employee enrolled in coverage (a sole proprietor and his/her spouse are not included).
  • Offer coverage to all eligible full-time employees. This usually means those who work 30 hours per week or more.
  • Have a principle business address or employee worksite in the state whose SHOP you want to use.

You may also need to meet a specific minimum participation rate (MPR), which usually requires at least 70% of your employees to accept your SHOP coverage offer or have other qualifying coverage. You can calculate your MPR.

Whether you apply with your insurance company or use an agent or broker–Cert.Ins.Agent, there’s no limited enrollment period–start offering coverage at any time you choose!

Questions? Contact your insurance company or an agent or broker–Cert.Ins.Agent for help. For additional assistance, contact the SHOP Call Center at  I can also help you with CalSavers Retirement Savings Plans and Voluntary Benefits for your Employees.


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