Health Insurance 2019 Open Enrollment

February 3, 2019 gtutt44 72 comments

what what’s up everybody this dude ever with health care solutions team and want to make a quick video to let you know that open enrollment is coming okay and what is open enrollment it is the time at the end of the year that the government has designated that anybody can sign up for any different insurance plan okay it runs from November 1st through December 15th basically every year the last couple years and as a licensed insurance broker in about eighteen states now what I can do is I can help you take a look at every option available in your area okay so when I usually what happens when somebody is looking for health insurance they’re gonna go online they’re gonna type in health insurance quotes and they’re gonna fill out a couple of bits of information and then you’re gonna have twenty brokers calling you and a lot of times those brokers that are calling you or what we call captive agents or captive brokers they can only sell them on specific products so they’re trying to push you on the something that you don’t need that’s not right for you where our companies differ or on different healthcare solutions team is we contract with every carrier so what that means for you is tide could take a 5-10 minute phone call with you learn where your situation is for you and your family and then lead you down the right path I’m very passionate about it I you know my job would be to match you with the best plan for the best price do all the legwork for you okay so definitely use my help basically three different groups of people that that were really that I hope and talk to on a daily basis first one’s gonna be sick people or low-income right so these are people that are dealing with some major pre X or they just think that they can’t afford insurance well that’s why the ACA Affordable Care Act Obamacare call it what you will was passed we have the ability to go to I’ll do it all on my end we the application together probably has ten minutes I’ve done hundreds of them and oftentimes based on your income the government will come in and subsidize or pay a huge portion of your premium okay that was what the Obamacare was supposed to do okay so it becomes affordable so I can help you with those plans and trust me doing those applications on your own is a disaster so definitely use my help the second group of people are healthy or middle-income type of people these are working families working individuals you know young people that are just getting that you know going like twenty third twenty six years old coming off their parents plan for these type of people we have what we call not ACA or not Obamacare plans way way cheaper waive a much less expensive than the Obamacare plans okay and the nice thing about these plans are they’re super customizable there’s there’s quite a few different carriers so depending on what your needs are which I’ll uncover and a five minute phone call I’ll know the right route to go there okay very simple inexpensive and as far as access to care you networks doctors hospitals you have access to with these types of plans you can’t be the third and a lot of these people do not do their due diligence and and they don’t know or they don’t even explore other options are those that are already insured through their employer okay so very briefly what happens with these people is a lot of times the rates for the employee through the company are very good and then to add spouse or to add kids the rates become very expensive okay the reason being employers only have to contribute towards the employees premium you do not have to pay anything towards an expose on kids so we’ll see situations where the rates will increase three to four hundred percent to add a spouse or add kids what we oftentimes do is we split up those families right so we’ll take the employee let them take the employer coverage and we’ll split off spouse kids and you know anybody maybe we put them with a non ECA plan we save a ton on a monthly basis this is something you definitely want to explore guys seriously there’s huge savings there but reach out to me it’s time we got to get this done now you don’t want to go uninsured you can always call me on my cell directly 7 0 8 5 6 6 6 5 8 9 5 minutes and we could save you a buttload of cash so look forward to hear from you all thanks

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