How can a Certified Insurance Agent help you?

April 11, 2019 gtutt44 37 comments

today Californians have improved access to something they truly deserve healthcare and covered California for small businesses uniquely designed to help you provide affordable health insurance to your employees while staying within your budget the laws are changing to offer healthcare coverage to even more small businesses find out how they impact your business and if you qualify by contacting a covered California certified insurance agent it’s free and you can meet with them in person to help you determine your eligibility and to find an option that best fits your needs your agent is your direct link to all the answers they will walk you through the process and provide multiple solutions to help you make those important decisions your agent can tell you if you qualify for small group insurance through covered California what your choices are and if there are federal tax credits available to you that’s right you could actually save money on your health insurance costs but it’s only available if you enroll through covered California if you are self-employed without any employees or if your business is run only by family members your agent can also tell you about individual plans available through covered California it’s easy to find a certified covered California insurance agent for free in-person assistance to walk you through with the enrollment process visit to find out more or Call 909-656-4885 to speak to a Coveredca. Certified Insurance Agent

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