How to Compare Anthem Blue Cross Health Insurance Plans

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Hi this Gary. I am a Certified Insurance Agent with Coveredca. One of the Ins Cos within Coveredca is Anthem. They sent me an e-mail today. They want you to visit them in regards to what we call voluntary benefits. These are Dental plans,Eye Plans and other axil products that are add ons to your H Ins. So click on the botton and find out more.
hello and welcome to this video walkthrough on how to compare Anthem Blue Cross plans side-by-side my name is Dennis and I’ll walk you step-by-step through a process of comparing some of these plans and take a look at the benefits in finding out what all these different things mean like deductible coinsurance copay how the prescription drug coverage works how deductible works so we’ll go into detail and find out this is a second video to a first one which I did on getting a quote and in this video since we already got a quote I have it in front of me here we just go into detail on how the different plans how the different plans work and what you get for your money so for this example I used a single male living in San Francisco California who is age 35 and as you can see in front of me I already got it I was able to get a quote and right now I got a quote for what’s called most popular plans here with anthem and deacons as you can see up here this little drop down here and it showed me most popular plans so if when I was able to when I was going through a quote process to ask me what type of plans what I want based on my lifestyle so I picked most popular and it’s gave me four different options and as you can see here it’s give me a first thing first row I see my monthly premiums and just right above that is plan names and obviously if I want to if I would like to submit application for one these plans then I just add to cart’ and keep going with the application process so as you can see here we have four different plans they’re named clear protection plus smart cents plus Luminess HSA plus and premiere plus and let’s just let you jump into these plans and take a look at them and see what kind of what we get for our money here so let’s start with clear protection that’s a lowest price plan on a hundred and eleven dollars and in then it’s giving me here in this row plan type PP o stands for preferred provider organization what that means to you is PPO plans lets you pick your doctors and hospitals insurance company does not get involved in where you can go or which doctor you can see so you have flexibility of choosing doctors and hospitals next is your t annual deductible with all these plans here except well I’ll just start with this one the way deductible works is and get this asked a lot and from folks is them does that mean I have to meet a deductible before I get any benefits well it depends on the plan with this specific plan no you don’t so that means you have all the benefits before they deductible so deductible is only in this case mainly is mainly where you gonna see it is your inpatient outpatient procedures surgeries okay so that’s that’s what deductible is gonna come in next number is annual maximum out-of-pocket that’s important number because you know that’s actually the reason you have health insurance in the first place is to protect you against an unseen unforeseen medical large medical bills and what the maximum out-of-pocket does it’s a built-in safety net to protect you that insurance companies have and basically what it says once this number is met in a year and then you you basically the coverage becomes one hundred percent coverage there’s no more there’s nothing you have to pay at our own pocket for any more medical expenses for the rest of the year and let me explain you how it works so every copay that you have every time you go Philly refill your prescription every time you go get a lab work done for some kind of physical that you have to pay out-of-pocket every dollar it gets subtracted actually first it goes into a deductible so first the deductible obviously decreases so every dollar even if you spend in our in your pocket is decreasing is deductible once deductible is met then you have another thirty five hundred dollars to meet and then the coverage becomes 100 percent okay so you have deductible and so basically your total maximum out-of-pocket that you can be in any given year like she says in addition to a deductible as you can see right here where it says you know some plans will not say that but this is right there you can see an addition to deductible so 3500 plus 3300 that should worst-case scenario in any given year and next number is coinsurance coinsurance is a percentage of the bill that you’d be responsible after your deductible is met so and that’s how the maximum out-of-pocket comes in so let’s say you have a impatient surgery you’re checked in to the hospital for some kind of you have you know God forbid you’ve been in the car accident so you met your deductible and you know with the hospital you’re gonna meet that in the first day then you’ll be paying 40 percent of negotiated fees that means you’d be still responsible for 40 percent up to 3,500 so no matter what you reach that 3500 after deductible and that that’s it you have on 100% coverage you don’t pay any more and outpatient surgery it says here a hundred percent of negotiate fee basically what it means means you actually have to meet 3,300 plus that’s 1600 before the outpatient surgeries are covered okay so that’s why we’re looking at this we’re looking at this you know low monthly premium and that’s why it’s gonna have some of these higher percentages here as we would go higher in monthly premiums and some of these things you will see you would get percentages that you’re responsible for would get lower and lower lower the office visit this this is your regular doctor office visit that you would go to to see your doctor and you can see it’s a $40 copay for first two visits per member per year deductible as waves so there’s no deductible you just pay $40 and it’s covers two visits per year now one thing to keep in mind with all the Anthem Blue Cross plans no exception your yearly physicals mammograms checkups anything that has to do preventive care your your you know anything that’s to do with lab work for preventive care is covered 100% with no copay no deductible it’s 100 percent coverage okay so keep that in mind so the doc office visits are not your that’s not your physical yearly physicals this is complete this is separate this is your sick visits basically you go and there’s something you think there’s something wrong with you you go want to go see your doctor that’s what the office visit for and on top of that you have physical exams preventive care it’s called that’s all covered before they deductible and there’s no copay okay and drug coverage – this plan covers brand-name and generic drugs okay so let’s take a look at smart sense + plan it’s at 139 dollars per month it is a PPO again that means it lets you pick your doctors and hospitals our deductible here was set on six thousand and you can see the first number six thousand and there’s the second number well that means actually underneath here it’s a single and family well that’s for a single person that’s for a family so if I was getting this quote from our family the total family deductible would have been twelve twelve thousand so let’s if I drop it – it’s gonna give me up two options if I if I choose my thirty five hundred dollar deductible you can see my um looks like my monthly went up what by eight dollars so so 101 forty-seven instead of 139 if I choose that $3,500 deductible again then annual maximum out-of-pocket is thirty five hundred so it to have you know it’s to have total maximum out-of-pocket is thirty five hundred plus thirty five hundred which is seven thousand and in this plan you can see it’s only 30 percent of negotiated fee ft deductible and there’s no there’s no such thing as inpatient outpatient it’s everything is the same inpatient and outpatient is covered at 70 percent so insurance company after deductible will pay seventy percent of all my bills up to 3500 after that it’s 100 percent coverage okay office visits with this plan and office visits are ten dollars cheaper than the one we looked at earlier it’s $30 copay and it’s three visits per year that’s covered and again this plan still has preventive care that’s covered 100% so physical exams mammograms any kind of checkups like that preventive care it’s covered 100% and that’s built into every plan and the reason for that is to that’s part of the health health reform a lot it was signed into sign last year and is one of the provisions that insurance companies have to comply for is to offer preventative care that’s covered 100% and that’s all what he automatically built in with every plan across the board so just to keep that in mind and prescription drug coverage it’s a standard with the smart sent standard it stands for actually does go our brand names in generics so you still have brand-name and generic drug coverage with smart sense let’s let’s take a look at luminous here luminous HSA plus a few HSA stands for health savings account if you’re not familiar how HSA plans work yeah there’s a plenty of resources online that you can look into and find out how HSAs worked the simple way to explain it is basically HSA is actually health stands for health savings account it works exact same way as your 401k at work if you’re familiar with that just it’s designed for medical bills the money that goes in there are designed to pay for your medical expenses from medical bills and the way it works is you have your health insurance side by side with health savings account okay so they work together and what it allows you to do is basically put insurance companies say is that if you insure yourself up to deductible self insure yourself we’ll give you a lower monthly premium and that’s what this if you look at this plan here it’s actually really really easy to understand really really easy to follow let’s take a look at it so this is HSA plan it works in the same way as PPO so again you have choice of doctors and hospitals deductible is 4500 okay then out of annual out-of-pocket maximum is zero so there’s no such thing it’s 4500 dollars and that’s it coinsurance is zero that means you pay nothing after deductible and it’s a hundred percent coverage every deductible so it’s zero percent after deductible so all your visits everything is covered basically it’s a forty five hundred dollar deductible once deductible is met its 100% coverage and again as a reminder this plan does cover preventive care at 100% also there’s no co-pays or deductibles what the Windows HSA okay so if you go get your yearly physical or checkup you pay nothing so it’s a really easy to understand plan you’re the worst the absolute worst case scenario you can be out of your pocket is forty five hundred dollars in a year which is not bad for medical expenses considering that you know average hospital stays seventy-five hundred dollars a day forty five hundred it’s not that you know it’s it’s nothing you know compared to how big medical bills can get so it’s really easy to understand and with this plan you can set up an HSA account side by side where you have an option you know to put away forty five hundred dollars into this HSA account and keep it there if you choose and you don’t have to put in all forty five hundred you can set up but you’re gonna put one hundred one hundred a month or anything you want and it’s flexible as the savings account you have at your bank just it tends to pay more interest and the money is designed you put that money in the savings account health savings account and it’s tax-free you never pay taxes on it and when you pay for medical bills or expenses you never pay taxes on it so it’s a it’s a great way to save some money and not pay taxes on it and you can use that money obviously to you know to offset the deductible and then that this way you get a a lower monthly premium you know low low monthly premium that’s your that’s the benefit of agencies let’s let’s take a look at premier plus our last plan here with this plan is one hundred and seventy two dollars a month it’s a PPO so you have a choice of doctors and hospitals deductible for a single person is five thousand says be my deductible maximum out-of-pocket is forty five hundred and the coinsurance you can see is twenty five percent so it’s only I’d be responsible for 25 percent after five thousand up to forty five hundred so my worst case in there with this plan is ninety five hundred dollars okay and then a doctor office visits is $30 renowned specialist since $50 for specialist and this is unlimited doctor office visits so if you have a family with young kids or you think you might need to go to a doctor more often than some of these plans here after three visits per year then this might be your option for you okay so it’s unlimited doctor office visits you can go as often as you want and all you pay is $30 or $50 for a specialist and the brand-name drug cover and covers brand names and generic drugs and also you have a built in vision coverage built into the plan so if you it lets you save some money on your contacts prescriptions checkups for your eye exams and things like that that’s all covered so these are your plans these are most popular plans you can also if you are looking at the family plans then obviously it’s gonna give me an option for family plans and it’s gonna make some recommendations which might be a better choices for family plans and you can see it’s gonna give me three different options clear protection smart sense and premiere plus plans if I’m looking at the maternity plan that covers maternity the only two plans if I click on View all plans is the PPO share and HMO plans and you can see it covers maternity so that’s that I hope this was helpful to you I’m gonna see if I can do is some different if if you have any questions by the way you can welcome to email me on my site I’d get my medical calm I hope this video was answered some questions for you if you like to apply for anthem BlueCross again you just click on Add to Cart and continue with the application process and it will walk you step-by-step your application thanks a lot and I hope you have a great day take care

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