Is CTFO a Scam? | Truth About the Business Opportunity

July 1, 2019 gtutt44 2,161 comments

is CTF Oh a scam or not that’s what we’re talking about in this video I’m really excited why not be excited it’s a fantastic day I appreciate you taking a few moments in your research of this company CTF oh to stop by this video and I hope it’s helpful I hope it’s informative and hope that it guides you in the right direction there’s a commission it’s called the Federal Trade Commission the FTC and they’re the governing body that decides ultimately if a home business company or a network marketing company is a scam or not that’s that’s their big one of their big jobs they’ve got other jobs but they’re the governing body that decides if a network marketing company is a scam or not and they have certain red flags one really big red flag is specifically that they look for when they look at companies and there have been network marketing companies through the years that have been shut down which is really sad because people pour their time their energy their whole heart out into these businesses and you know they build something and if the company goes away that all goes away okay so that that’s this is a legitimate concern is what I’m trying to tell you it’s a legitimate question we’re gonna look at whether c2fo falls into that and if there’s a risk of even down the road see TFO being labeled a scam or getting investigated by the FTC now the biggest red flag that the FTC looks out for it in the network marketing industry are commissions of heart from product sales okay commissions apart from product sales now the FTC has already said time time again that network marketing is they’ve affirmed that network marketing is a legitimate form and structure for sales organizations and companies that have products to compensate the salespeople it’s very legitimate it’s different than some other ways of compensating salespeople but it’s just as valid and they have affirmed the network marketing model time and time again so there are people that think all network marketing companies are scams that’s not true the FTC that’s up to them there’s the governing body that decides that they affirm that network marketing structure they say it’s fine all hinges on that idea of commissions apart from product sales now why am I so confident and so excited about the fact that CT fo is not a scam because spoiler alert they’re not why are they not a scam because there are no commissions apart from product sales they are one of the few network marketing companies that does not charge you to join what yes not only is that a huge selling point making it in my opinion just an absolute no-brainer for people to join up and participate in there’s no fee to join not only is that cool not only does that sound neat but it makes CTF oh is that much more protected in the future because network marketing companies have gotten in trouble for ripping people off who want to join the company and charging them exorbitant unnecessary amounts just to join sometimes without actual product sales and those companies end up getting shut down when that’s the case because the FTC is not okay with that ETF o is a sure and solid organization to build with because they have taken away the biggest pitfall that network marketing bunnies half there’s not one commission that gets paid out with CTF oh where there was not a tangible quality product that was sold that’s awesome that’s security what’s neat about CTF Oh solid products okay the pay structure is affirmed by the FTC there’s anybody who run into that say well all network marketing companies are scam the government disagrees with you the FTC disagrees with you legal experts disagree with you you are not on the side of reason here that is not the way it is you’re not in line with reality there it’s a different pay structure but does that make it wrong no the FTC says no legal experts say no judges say no the government as a whole says no there there is nothing wrong with a network marketing company nothing wrong at all as long as there are no Commission’s paid there are no Commission’s paid apart from product sales so as long as the product sales – it’s solid and I can tell you the products are solid I love the products and the company as a whole has been incredibly honest they’ve always paid me on time they are a tremendous organization and they’re an organization that I just love building with so you might say well you’re biased well I did a lot of research I’ve been doing research in the network marketing companies for over six years and CTF OH passed with flying colors and is really solid if you’re looking for a company that you would like to build a team for the future good long-term residual income this is a solid option if you haven’t done that yet do invite you to check out the website link below you can check out our team or if somebody has already talked to you about CTF oh and neighbor has shared it with you a family member you know don’t rip them off wait go back to them and say I saw a bearded guy and I’m going to I’m gonna sign up with you thank you for sharing it but if you don’t have somebody that shared it you’re just doing your own research we’d love to have you on our team art to work here for you and we try to help you every step of the way but CT fo is a solid company they absolutely are hope you enjoyed this video found it helpful check out our other videos check out the link below – because hey it’s awesome and I’m not just saying that because I know that okay because it just is is a great company we’ve got tremendous people on our team and we think you’re amazing have a tremendous day we hope to see you next video we hope to see one our team whoo that would be cool [Music] you


2,161 Comments on “Is CTFO a Scam? | Truth About the Business Opportunity

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