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[Music] this video is entitled the interior office building cleaning part 1 the 7 step program for cleaning offices and other rooms inside an office building 1 get ready to discard paper debris 3 empty waste baskets and recycle containers for dust horizontal surfaces 5 spot clean walls and windows 6 vacuum and mop floors and 7 inspect work start with a fully stocked cleaning cart then get the keys from your supervisor or have your supervisor unlock the door of your work area dust around paperwork left on the desk and remember not to move or discard any papers left behind by the occupant this is an extremely important part of your training office workers sometimes sort paperwork according to priorities or importance or type of response necessary if you respect papers you could cause a great amount of extra work on the part of the occupant leave paperwork untouched it is a hallmark of a professional to respect the rights of the day time occupants of offices use vacuums with appropriate wand tools for tight places they are great for getting under furniture such as desks and tables and also under counters and next to baseboards before you leave the cleaned and reorganized room take a minute and look around are there any defects is the furniture located in start positions have the magazine’s been straightened did you forget to clean something if you think of something you did not do then perform that task now it’s better for you to find the error than for your supervisor to find the error or worse yet by the occupant of that office when you leave each room be sure to turn out the lights this video is entitled basic restroom cleaning it’s designed to help you understand the theory of restroom sanitation we want you to help perform your duties in a safe efficient manner there are only a few ways in which cleaning the men’s restroom are different than cleaning the woman’s restroom the women’s restroom requires a few extra steps which are covered in this program a badly serviced restroom will cause more customer complaints than any other room in the building not only is it bad for visitors health it also tells the visitor that this restroom and possibly the whole building is in getting the professional touch now let’s review our 11 step cleaning program for restrooms first step calls for you to get ready to clean make sure you bring the proper supplies and equipment the second step calls for you to replace all expendable items the third step is to pick up litter and remove trash the fourth step is to perform high dusting the fifth step calls for you to sweep and dust mop the floor the sixth step is to clean all sinks and faucets and polish mirrors the seventh step calls for you to spot clean walls and toilet partitions remove splash marks from partitions ledges and walls the eighth step is to polish brightwork and fixtures the ninth step is to clean and sanitize all toilets and urinals the tenth step calls for cleaning the restroom floor eleventh step is when you review your own work and correct any exceptions you may find remember your unit manager as well as your area supervisor will check your work do a good job and we’ll all get good reports you will ensure that tenants and visitors can use restrooms like this one confidently each and every day remember an entire building and its cleaning service can be judged by the condition of its restrooms we know that you will do a good job you have now completed this film on basic restroom cleaning please contact your training supervisor this video is entitled basic carpet cleaning methods part two we will now review the eight steps of the carpet cleaning process the first step calls for proper preparation before cleaning carpets our carpet care professional brings along all necessary equipment and supplies to accomplish a professional result the next step is to remove obstacles from your carpet these include furniture and office equipment remember that there are some items that must not be moved step three is to place caution signs before proceeding this will warn anyone to use caution when entering your work area step four is to perform carpet spot cleaning the secret of effective stain removal is immediate action the longer the stain has to set the more difficult it is to remove never clean a carpet without cleaning stains up first next choose the carpet cleaning method that will best suit the carpets needs there are six choices hot water extraction the spin pad bonnet method rotary floor machine shampooing encapsulation carpet cleaning method and the dry chemical method your supervisor will often specify which method to use step six calls for the returning of all furniture and equipment back where you found them when you have finished the job take a minute and look around for anything missing find an exception so no one else can finally return the equipment and supplies to their proper place question eight when cleaning a really dirty carpet which method would you use a encapsulation B dry chemical C rotary shampoo D hot water extraction that’s right the answer is D hot water extraction this is the most efficient thorough way to clean a carpet however the other methods are all good alternatives also clean the equipment so it’s ready for the next day’s work carpet cleaning machines will give better service and lasts longer if they’re given proper care and attention there you have it the 8 steps to professional carpet care with time and experience you will become an expert carpet cleaner when you perform your duties correctly you will increase the carpets life and it will retain its original beauty [Music] [Music] you you [Music]

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