Life Settlements

January 31, 2019 gtutt44 49 comments

Good Things Happen Here

Since 2006,  Life has paid seniors $525 million on policies that would have been surrendered to life insurance companies for $41 million.

Are you aware that life insurance can be used to fund senior living costs?​

Long-term care, health care, and other retirement costs continue to escalate, and you need help now. You are not alone. No one seems to talk about it—this “Silent Crisis” affecting nearly every American family.​

Are your premium payments no longer affordable?

You can receive the fair market value for your insurance policies, as opposed to allowing the policies to lapse or be surrendered.

Can the exchange of your life insurance policy help meet your financial needs?

Find out your options to repurpose and maximize your life insurance assets

Get started in finding the most value in your policy

Submit your contact information to get more information about Xchanging your policy for its hidden value. You may also qualify for a policy appraisal from a  Life specialist to discover all your options.

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