Medical Marijuana Inc.

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[Music] when medical marijuana Inc became the first publicly traded cannabis company we challenged ourselves to become the world’s premier phyto cannabinoid provider we innovated an online marketplace and direct sales program that cannot be matched our success as a company derives from our purpose to help people live better and create a more sustainable world we sought out the most qualified farmers on the planet and developed the ideal cultivars for large-scale hemp production in doing so we were the first to develop a cannabidiol based product line we were also a first to standardize the concentration of cannabidiol in each of our products simply because it had never been done before in the beginning there were no guidelines to ensure a product’s quality so we developed a multi-tier lab testing procedure because it was the right thing to do for our customers in those early days the technology to produce cannabidiol on the scale we envisioned simply did not exist so we invented it becoming the first company to create an integrated CBD pipeline in the process we developed the largest most reliable source of phyto cannabinoid products for the United States and dozens of countries around the world we have also led the way in research we were the first to obtain a license from the National Institutes of Health to develop cannabinoids as a drug treatment for degenerative brain diseases like CTE this research opens the door to therapies for several other neurological disorders you can see the impact of this movement all across the globe in Paraguay and Puerto Rico ours were the first phyto cannabinoid based products to be licensed as medically approved treatments in Brazil one little girls need for cannabidiol created the first-ever government subsidies for a Fido cannabinoid product now our hemp oil is being prescribed in Brazil for epilepsy Alzheimer’s disease Parkinson’s disease as well as for chronic pain and other conditions in Mexico the law was actually rewritten to allow the use of cannabidiol to treat a young autistic girl seizures to meet Mexico strict regulation we created the first completely THC free hemp oil product on the market from clean biofuels to building materials hemp’s possibilities are limitless with it we can change the status quo we’re proud of the things we’ve accomplished and the lives that we’ve touched while many follow in our footsteps we continue to forge a new path to health and wellness

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