Microsoft Surface: Create Change – Larry Fitzgerald

February 27, 2018 gtutt44

>> I think as a child growing up, you know, you really are a product of your environment. Born and raised here in Minneapolis. Growing up in this community at a young age I understood how rewarding it was to be of service to others in need. Later into my senior year, I knew that I didn’t have the grades required to be an athlete in division one level, that I couldn’t get by on my athletics and my good looks. It didn’t work. I chose to go to Valley Forge Military Academy and redo my senior year. I grew up so much in a year and a half. I learned that if you don’t apply yourself to do the things that are required to reach your goals, they’re not going to be attainable. When I got to the National Football League, I said I need to do something to give a young person similar to me the same opportunities that I was afforded in.

And so, we started the Larry Fitzgerald First Down Fund. Every year, we’d hand out 17 grants to different organizations that have an emphasis on helping the youth or technology and education. We want to put technology in the hands of students, giving them the tools and resources to be successful moving forward and people to work jobs that don’t even exist right now. With Microsoft, we’re donating to Hiawatha School in South Minneapolis. >> Larry partnered with us to make sure that our students have access to technology in the classroom and outside the classroom. We serve a population of students that don’t have access to technology outside of school. Whether it’s doing research or applying to college, somehow, technology is connected and so, we want to make sure they’re interacting with it so that they have just as much of an opportunity as maybe their counterparts at a more well resourced school.

>> Technology sees no race, it sees no religion, it sees no socioeconomic background. Technology bridges all those gaps. The same Microsoft Surface that I’m using on the field, children are able to use it to study and learn. I’m very proud to partner with Microsoft Surface as part of what we’re trying to do. I had my first ever football practice right here on this field.

I had a wonderful childhood growing up here. Anybody that comes and visits during the week of the Superbowl will understand that Minnesotans are some of the kindest, most generous people that you ever come in contact with. So, I wanted to come back and do a good thing for my community and the people that need me. If that helps somebody reach their dreams, that’s what it’s all about..

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