Part One – Sign Up for Shopify

February 23, 2018 gtutt44 1,279 comments

hi it’s all over here with econ lab and welcome to part one of the class on how to build your first ecommerce stop and they’ll be showing you how to sign up for your first Shopify account this is a really easy process and will take you just a few minutes as you can see you get a 14-day free trial however before you launch your style you will need to choose a plan and enter payment information at this stage you just have to enter your name email address password and on the next screen you’ll have to enter some further contact information using our star name is something you should probably figure out to begin with but it’s really something you can come back to later on in this example I’m going to start the star called Adam a coffee imports I just into my stall name email and password as soon as you click okay i’ll begin to create your star this just takes a few seconds and once it’s done you will be ready to go soon as the success page comes up just click take me to my cell and you will just be prompted to enter some final contact information and indicate what you’ll be doing with your star but once you’re quick time done you’ll be taken straight to your Shopify dashboard from here you’ll be able to add products customized designs and set up other features for your style we’ll cover these in later videos I just keep watching through the playlist or choose a video but since your exact needs thank you for watching and if you have any questions please go to the econ web forum I’ll leave a comment on the youtube channel thank you

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