Plans That Offer Additional Peace of Mind

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Plans That Offer Additional Peace of Mind

Short Term Medical–If you need Insurance but cant afford it.  Short Term Medical is for you.

Plans That Offer Additional Peace of Mind

May 07, 2018

It Pays to Be Prepared If You Get Sick
A serious illness or accident can be a big setback for any family. There can be many challenges to getting healthy again. Even with medical coverage, your out-of-pocket costs for a major illness may put a strain on your budget. Or if someone you care about is in between jobs and doesn’t have benefits to fall back on, it can be tough.

Anthem has now teamed up with the IHC group to offer supplemental health plans that can give you extra financial protection beyond your current health plan benefits. We also offer a plan with short-term coverage for those who don’t have a medical plan.

IHC Interim Coverage
If you or someone you know find yourselves without a medical plan for any reason, this plan offers temporary benefits ─ usually up to 90 days. Once you meet your deductible, the plan pays for qualified expenses and you pay for a portion of the cost, just like a regular health plan. Your benefits can start within 24 hours after you apply for this short-term plan.

The Interim Coverage is a great choice if you:

  • Are a dependent turning 26 and can no longer be covered by your parent’s plan.
  • Are between jobs or temporarily lost coverage.
  • Missed open enrollment.
Ready to enroll?
Less than Coveredca.but the same great Cos.  Call 909-656-4885  Certified Insurance Agent

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