Single Payer Universal Health Care

January 24, 2018 gtutt44 1,136 comments

Single Payer Universal Health Care


Greetings HCA supporters! We are sending this message from the SB 562 Healthy California campaign to all of our HCA-CA supporters. Please be sure to RSVP using the link provided below. Thanks to all who participate in these important events!

~ Dan Hodges and Pat Snyder, HCA-CA liaisons to the Healthy California Campaign


Last week hundreds of nurses and community activists rallied at the Capitol to demand that Speaker Anthony Rendon stop blocking SB 562 and actually work to guarantee healthcare for all in California (see videos of CNA’s Bonnie Castillo and other speakers).

It was an impressive show of force. Despite all the efforts to bury the Healthy California Act, it’s more alive than ever. And now preparations are underway for the fourth select committee hearing about health care. And this time, they’re including our bill!

That’s right, the leaders of the committee are promising that finally, open discussion of SB 562 will take place. While we don’t yet know precisely what that means, we do know we need you there with us. We want a HUGE TURNOUT for this event!

Sign up now to join us in Sacramento to support SB 562!

We’ll be organizing transportation soon from different parts of the state. It’s an “everybody on board” moment for the single-payer movement in California. The time for stalling is over.

Our presence in the Capitol wouldn’t be nearly as impactful were it not for the canvassing taking place across the state, especially in priority Assembly districts. Our message, our deep political work, is bearing fruit. We mustn’t let the pressure drop. Can we count on you to join us?

Yes, I want to stand up for SB 562 on Feb. 7th!

I can’t attend, but I want to host a canvass

We’re in it to win it, and we couldn’t be more proud of supporters like you who made it happen. There’s a Facebook event that can be shared and will be updated. Let us know if you have any questions by responding to this email.









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