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February 25, 2018 gtutt44 127 comments

hello ladies and gentlemen this is your boy Jeremiah and I have a treat for all of my travelers anybody who trouble anybody who want to travel anybody who’s thinking about traveling anybody who who when they dream about going somewhere Hey anywhere stand in a hotel to a cruise to to whatever I have a treat for you today oh and it’s a beautiful one so stay tuned because this is this is the most exciting travel opportunity I have ever seen out there in the space and you had travel you have to watch this because it’s something that you definitely need to know about so let’s get started with the company behind this is called travel lotta like travel a lot by travel lotta and here is their homepage their homepage if you go to their home page and you can go to travel auto calm that’s their home page and when you get here you have to be a member right you you can’t be a part of this without being a member you have to be a member in order to be able to see the prices that they offer know if and buts about it you have to be a member so if you want to be a member here we can just click it and I’m showing you this to to really show you the big picture of what’s here would travel lot you can become a well before I show you this I’ve dabbled in the travel industry shucks about ten years then then ten years off and on and you know different travel programs so I know what to look for I know how they operate from from the broker all the way down to the middleman and to the end-user so when I’m looking at this and I’m showing you this I’m showing you this really understanding what I’m showing you and hopefully when we finish with this you don’t fully understand what’s the benefit and why I’m kind of excited about travel lot because travel is one o my goals which I know a lot of people have travel as one of their their goals and their dreams which you should just frequently kind of operate off your goals and dreams 8e whoo let’s get to the travel lotto you become a member if you become a member of directly through travel lotto you have to pay for 30 day is one twin of a Bitcoin right so they have it in Bitcoin folks we have moved to the Bitcoin or cryptocurrency era in case you don’t know so here on the 30 day trial this is four hundred and fourteen dollars to be a member right if you go directly through travel Auto comm you have to you know have to pay this for full membership you pay one Bitcoin which is you know eight thousand a eight thousand two hundred ninety eight dollars a ten cent right that’s the current price of value of Bitcoin as we speak so now this membership is a lifetime membership when you go directly to the company and then you just have to pay the fifty nine ninety five for a year maintenance fee now in saying this this is typically only offered if you typically have on timeshare or some of that nature in order to really catch the benefits of everything that they have here now but here’s where all the excitement really gets to get started it now this is the company site now what I’m going to show you as travel lotto member site for affiliates and this is the affiliate side of travel otter so if you notice the difference between the stream one is you know the become a member and you can sign in once you become a member and this one is the opportunity now let me say the opportunity here you can sign up 100% free right 100% free you can sign up for the opportunity and I have my link below for you to actually get signed in for the opportunity of 100% free when you do that you go here and the opportunity and you become an ISA you become an ISA so you just click become a nice a and you just fill out your information fill out your information your password make sure that you try to get a good travel ATO website when you use your name you know mine is enjoy life travel Auto calm so you can you can choose that and choose your country it should just recognize what country you in and then make sure that you’re not a robot and then register once you do that once you do that you get your credentials then you come back here make sure you don’t go to you make sure you have an affiliate link in front of it because if you don’t have the affiliate link in front of you gonna go to this to this page you’ll go to this page where you can become a member so make sure that the affiliate link like this is is in there so that’s mine enjoy life comm that takes you to so to speak a different part of the platform and once you have your credentials go to that side and then click on us is a back office is a is an individual sales of affiliate or so whichever one you want to call it and you can go ahead and log in now if you’re a robot and you log in now this is your back-office that you see every free member will have access to this now when you get back here saadet for free it’s nothing there’s nothing that you have to do sign-in for free there’s no caches no nothing under net when you get back here you have access to all of this now one of the things that you want to do because you have to you have to pay the membership in order to be able to get the portal and the portal is 149 dollars for a year right I mean we we’re not gonna shade the cost of anything here because you’re not gonna find anything out there that’s compared to it as we speak so it’s a hundred and forty nine dollars for the year right so before you pay if you decide you want to be able to see what’s inside you want to say well I want to test it out before I kid before I purchase a membership is the prices comparable to what’s out there I just I don’t believe these prices is like that well that’s normal that’s normal language that’s normal LOD doubt whatever you want to call it that’s normal even myself did the same thing so so what you want to do is you want to go to tutorials go to tutorials and click on tutorials now when you go to this tutorials keep in mind every person who signs in for free well the IRA firm whether you refer them it doesn’t matter who refer them they get to sign in for free they get to create this back-office for free and they get to see this information now when they get here you can view all everything that they have they already have tutorials so for people who want to be able to see what’s really going on they can see it and how everything works right here so you can click on the hotels it actually walks you through the whole platform uh condoms and walk you through everything you need to know the cruises it walk you through every Cruise Line that’s that’s pretty much out there it’s in this portal and the prices you’ll be able to see these unbelievable prices when I say unbelievable this is why I’m not showing you the prices because you have to get in the back office and see them for yourself on the tutorials the tours the shopping tutorial the newsletter with with the with the specials on it even tickets and attractions ladies and gentlemen this is this will change travel this is my opinion this will change travel and how many people actually come in there because when you when you able to save go to a hotel and you able to save three four five hundred dollars from the competition you’ve got something special because if this $149 for the whole year no blackout dates no you can’t do this and you is none of that all the prices includes the tax and everything is included in the prices it even shows you comparisons between the competition that’s out there the you don’t have to search for per se each hotel or each cruise or the time frames and cost all of us all of us there I will say this twelve billion dollar whole sellers put this together that’s all I must say ladies and gentlemen go register for free you know go go in there register register for free and walk through the process Guinea and Washington tutorials if you got any questions reach out to me you can either you know respond on YouTube or you can if I sent this to you an email you can just reply to the email I leave my email address below if you need to contact me with any questions once you in the system I get you email and I would actually send you updates and send you information for the webinars the team aren’t going this is amazing if you travel it if you look into travel if you end travel you need to be here at travel on ladies gym and I’m gonna wrap it up have a great day Thanksgiving is right around the corner have a wonderful holiday Thanksgiving Christmas coming up around the corner have a wonderful Christmas and get prepared for the new year of 2018 the time is now put travel in your goals and your dreams talk to you guys later have a wonderful wonderful wonderful day

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