Weekly Newsletter August 9, 2019

August 9, 2019 gtutt44 16 comments

Weekly Newsletter August 9, 2019

Weekly Newsletter
August 9, 2019
See the week’s biggest news from the cannabis industry and our family of companies below!
Industry News • See All
Federal Court Orders DEA on Cannabis
A federal court has given the DEA 30 days to respond to a lawsuit claiming the agency has purposely blocked marijuana research by holding up applications to grow research-grade plants.
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2020 Candidates on Marijuana
With support for marijuana at a record high, the issue of cannabis reform is slated to become a prominent issue in the 2020 presidential election. Find out where each candidate stands.
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Effects of Teen Marijuana Use
A new groundbreaking study finds no difference in brain images of adults who used marijuana as teens and those who did not. From non-users to chronic users, brain structure was found to be similar.
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Legal Marijuana Leads to Opioids Drop
Researchers looking to better understand the impact of legal marijuana on pain medication use found that states with recreational marijuana have seen a nearly 12% reduction in painkiller distribution.
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Save 25% on Raw Hemp CBD Oil!
RSHO™ Green Label is CBD oil in its most natural form, delivering all the natural plant material found in hemp at harvest. Through Sunday, save 25% on Green Label CBD oil, capsules & liquids.
CBD Gummies Introduced to the Shop!
New to our online shop, Dixie Botanicals® CBD Gummies feature a sweet watermelon flavor for a uniquely tasty CBD experience! Choose from our 10-count pouch or 30-count jar.
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Company Announcements • See All
Milestone Sales for HempMeds
Our portfolio company HempMeds® and its subsidiaries HempMeds Brasil and HempMeds Mexico celebrated the largest-ever sales bookings month in the company’s history in July 2019.
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Education • See AllSEE ALL
CBD Basics for National CBD Day
Thursday, August 8 was National CBD Day. Celebrate by learning the basics of CBD, including what it is, its natural benefits, how it’s used, and how to shop for CBD products. 
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What to Know About CBD Tinctures
Perhaps the most popular type of CBD oil supplement out there, CBD tinctures offer the natural benefits of CBD in a convenient liquid form. In this guide, we lay out everything to know about tinctures.
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How to Properly Store Your Marijuana
Learn best storage practices for preserving your marijuana’s potency, flavor, and more. This easy-to-follow guide offers storage tips that will help keep your cannabis fresh for years.
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Is Marijuana Legal Where You Live?
Our new interactive marijuana legalization map of the U.S. makes it easy to see which states have legalized marijuana and at what capacity. Find out if recreational or medical marijuana is legal where you live. 
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