Weekly Newsletter September 6, 2019

September 6, 2019 gtutt44 2,565 comments


Weekly Newsletter September 6, 2019

Weekly Newsletter
September 6, 2019
See the week's biggest news from the cannabis industry and our family of companies below!
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FDA Wants to Hear from Americans
The FDA for the third time has opened a public comment period regarding the international scheduling of cannabis. Learn how to share your thoughts on how marijuana should be classified.
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Trump: States Should Decide Marijuana
At a recent press briefing, President Donald Trump reiterated that his administration would leave the decision of marijuana legalization up to individual states. Find out what he said.
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Medical Marijuana in CA Schools?
A bill that would allow some parents to administer medical marijuana to their children on the grounds of K-12 schools has passed the California Assembly and now just needs Gov. Newsom's signature.
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Canada's Marijuana Sales Hit Record
After a slow first six months, Canada's marijuana market is starting to take off. Sales have climbed all year and surpassed $91 million ($68 million U.S.) in June, a new monthly record high.
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Save Up To 25% Off On CBD Capsules!
CBD capsules are the most convenient way to add the benefits of CBD to your day. They're made with full-spectrum CBD oil, delivering CBD plus all the nutrients naturally found in hemp in a handy pill.
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Take 15% Off Revelry Odor Free Bags
Save on our selection of Revelry Supply water-resistant & odor-containing backpacks, duffle bags and totes, perfect for traveling with your herbs and botanical extracts. Use code REVELRY15.
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CBD Sunscreen Hits National News
Our company secured national news coverage this week in leading financial publication Benzinga. The article also highlights our new Dixie Botanicals + Surface CBD-Infused SPF50 Sunscreen.
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New Mango CBD Gummies Introduced 
This week we introduced the newest product from Dixie Botanicals-- CBD Gummies in a new mango flavor. Learn all about these fruity CBD gummies and their advantages as a CBD supplement.
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Is Marijuana Legal Where You Live?
Our interactive marijuana legalization map makes it easy to see how marijuana law has rapidly changed across the U.S., and what the marijuana laws currently look like in your state. 
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What to Know About Flying With CBD
Many of our customers contact us with the same question: Can I fly with CBD products? Get answers to all your questions about flying with CBD oil products in this easy guide. 
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How Hemp Differs From Marijuana
As you dig in to learn more about cannabis, CBD oil, and the types of CBD products available, you may find yourself wondering-- "What is the difference between hemp and marijuana?" 
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How to Use CBD Vape Liquid
This easy to follow guide breaks down everything you need to know to get started vaping CBD using Dixie Botanicals® CBD Vape Liquid. Learn what CBD vapes are, why to vape CBD, and more. 
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