We’re extremely excited at the launch of some amazing new products!

May 30, 2019 gtutt44 428 comments

We’re extremely excited at the launch of some amazing new products!

We're extremely excited at the launch of some amazing new products!  

Dixie Botanicals has launched it's first isolate tincture - 250mg of CBD in a delicious new orange flavor.

We're not joking when we say that this is the tastiest CBD tincture on the market - it's priced well and guaranteed to be a big hit!

Our new CBD body care line by HempMeds features a shampoo, conditioner, body wash and body lotion!  These products retail at a great price point and must be tried, as they easily integrate into your daily routine.
We've just launched a new Hemp Foods division via Medical Marijuana, Inc. It features Hemp Seeds, Hemp Snacks, Hemp Seed Oil and Hemp Protein. A natural extension to our current product offering, we'll continue to add new SKU's to the product offering moving forward.
Lastly, we're happy to announce that we're one of the first companies to receive the certified seal of approval from the US Hemp Authority.  You'll see the seal of approval on many products throughout both sites.  As the USHA begins certification on additional product categories, we'll work with them to certify our remaining items.

Please let us know if we can do anything to help make your jobs easier.

We truly value your partnership and are looking forward to another successful campaign!

Questions?  Our support team is here to help:

428 Comments on “We’re extremely excited at the launch of some amazing new products!

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