What is Special Enrollment?

February 23, 2018 gtutt44 39 comments

hi my name is Carly and I work with covered California millions of Californians have signed up for quality health care through covered California even though the open enrollment period has ended you may still be able to sign up right now if you’ve experienced a life-changing event there are several life events that may qualify here are five of the most common new and expanded families this means you’ve gotten married or divorced enter domestic partnership or had a baby or adopted a child if you’ve recently relocated to or within California you may qualify if you’ve just turned 26 and are no longer covered under your parents health insurance you may be able to enroll in your own health plan through covered California new legal residents in California may also qualify or if you’ve recently lost your health coverage this includes becoming unemployed or if you’ve lost eligibility from m├ędicale if you lost your insurance when you became unemployed you may be offered COBRA continuation coverage before you choose Cobra make sure you fully explore your options by checking out covered California as well covered California may be a less expensive long-term choice for your health insurance needs you only have 60 days after qualifying life event to enroll in or change an existing covered California plan or else you’ll have to wait till the next open enrollment one big exception is if you qualify for a no-cost or low-cost plan through medi-cal in that case you’re free to enroll at any time to see a full list of qualifying life events and to find out if you’re eligible to enroll visit us at covered CIA comm if you need financial help paying for your health coverage we may be able to help covered California is the only place that offers financial assistance to help you pay for your coverage every month whatever your situation we want to help you feel the peace of mind that security and protection of health coverage can provide you and your family it’s easy to get started just go to covered CA comm to see if you qualify if you’d rather speak with a covered California specialist in person click find local help and you can locate free confidential help near you or give us a call thanks for watching take a look at our other videos for more and there are thousands of us working across California to help you welcome two answers welcome to covered California You will need a Certified Insurance Agent to help with your enrollment. Call 909-656-4885 or visit my Coveredca. Page

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