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March 27, 2018 gtutt44 34 comments

we remember all too well what it was like a few years ago when we were shopping and researching for our RV and we spent hundreds of dollars on months researching and of course we’ve had nearly three years on the road now we just continue to learn more and more every day week and month and so that will never stop so as you probably know we were in quartzite for a couple of weeks in January and it was a fantastic opportunity to meet and connect with a lot of our fellow youtubers and in full time of ears we rounded a few up and asked them what advice they would have given themselves when they were first starting say what they got to say I’m Tom I’m Kate and we are the Mortons on the move we’ve been full-time on the road for 16 months now and we wish that we knew that we don’t need a really big RV now we started out trying to take everything with us and it ended up biting us because it was too big and we had too much stuff and we had to downsize we had 41 foot 5th wheel toy hauler and now we have downsized to a 33-foot 5th wheel and it is so much better you don’t need all that extra space another thing we wish we’d known is the world is not been scary of a place as it might seem when you’re in one place a lot of people seem to be like how could you be in that area with those people well you haven’t been there you don’t know and in our experience the world has been really nice to us and we’ve only been uncomfortable a couple times and then we just move on 95% of people you’ll feel me are very very generous very nice and will welcome you like family we’re Lisa and Dan and we’re with always on Liberty comm four years ago when we started our being we should have thought about it a little bit more and purchased a pre-owned unit instead of a brand-new unit after 20 months on the road we decided that the brand-new unit we had purchased was not what we needed to be full time RV years it didn’t fit our lifestyle at that point so we big loss and depreciation we’ve bought the unit and then another loss we bought the second unit so financially I would advise people to shop around you sure what floorplan you want for what you’re going to do and let somebody else pay that depreciation instead of you assuming that responsibility for it on your first purchase hello I’m Gary and I’m Stacy and we’re out on a travels we have been our beings for four years this is our fourth rig we start out with a 27 foot bumper pool 38 foot toy hauler then went to 8 43 foot now wanna do your research figure out what you want to do how you want to use the rig and where you want to go go out and step into a rig sit in the bathroom jump in the shower sit at the dining room people these decisions are huge factors if you’re going to love your rig or hate Urich we speak from experience don’t think that your RV salesman knows it all oh my gosh we usually go in knowing more than they do in educating the RV salesman on things they had no clue they will try to sell you a rig that is very close to carrying capacity which means leaves nothing for you to fill your rig with water food clothes and then you’re overweight so just do your research know what you want and then go look at it touch it feel it and don’t believe everything the salesman says most importantly once you get your RV you got to use it you bought it for a reason go travel i’m brian i’m christy more spot the Scott we’ve been arguing about two and a half years 18 months of it full time we’ve had more rigs so when we look back I think we would have taken a lot more time we would have told ourselves take your time researching and shopping you do a lot more research get in the rig slides in fly it out try everything out try less accessible try out even the thing that you don’t think will fit you at all like for us it was class we didn’t think last days for our thing and we ended up and get all of them we ended up in Elvis r89 Airstream which is which is a Class A and we absolutely loved it our fourth rig is our least expensive ring and it’s the one that makes us the happiest yep and I think I would also tell us newer is not necessarily better yeah another there’s anything wrong with it no but we found the quality in our 1989 is way better than anything that we’ve had it’s been fairly new I’m Kaylee and I’m Josh and we’re the freedom theory and we’ve been living in our 33 foot as well for two years and looking back the thing that I wish I had done differently or know more about before starting to RV was actually trucks because we pull our fifth well and I knew nothing about big trucks we ended up getting very lucky we got one with the tow package I had no idea trucks came with the tow package we got diesel I didn’t know we should have that exhaust break and things like that didn’t know anything about it we got really lucky but I wish I know more about it I’ve learned a lot about just vehicle maintenance on the road and it may seem a little silly it may seem minor but believe me you can put a lot of money into maintaining these rigs and so the more you know to do yourself the less money hi we’re Emily and Tim Rohr and we are unless do-more we have been an RV for about 18 months now and we bought this largely because of the floor plan we walk inside and really love the floor plan because of the desk area which is what I wanted and I think what I look back at what would I have done a little bit differently turns out that a lot of these RV manufacturers do build different specifications and the walls and the comfort how warm they are the quietness of the air conditioning and that sort of thing and a lot of the newer high-end units have that today a lot of the older ones didn’t and I think I understood better how that was done we maybe would have kept searching until we tried to find one with some of those better in other words don’t just go for the floorplan and on the more personal side if I had known how much the his work her work would have changed in this amount of time whereas I felt like I did most of the work around the house when we lived in a house total swap we should have done this years ago it is reversed completely he does more than I do and I’m not afraid to admit it and in about 20 years we’ll probably have evened out better epital up we agree with all the big guys yes and we would say just don’t rush it this is a really big decision everyone knows are these are not an appreciating asset so depreciate over time and can do so pretty hard so the more you do research ahead of time or less likely you won’t make a bigger expensive mistake yeah and the more confidence you’ll have in that decision whether you’re full timing part timing seasonal week ending it’s a very complex decision involved your house and your car how easy it is to drive what you can be able to carry with you with the carrying capacity the manoeuvrability livability quality of the product depending on how much time you’re going to spend in it take your time do your research it’s a really big decision hardly anyone get this right on the first go stretching the surface there’s all of the things you need to think about when you’re shopping for buy an RV but hopefully this will get you started and if you liked this video give us a thumbs up or comment below we’d love to hear your comments and your thoughts and don’t forget to hit the subscribe button your notification of the new videos as they come out see ya [Music] [Music] [Music]

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