When is the Open Enrollment to get Health Insurance and what is SEP? #healthinsurance #penalty ⭕️

April 12, 2019 gtutt44

Hi everyone! my name is Diana and I’m a licensed insurance agent in California today I want to clarify one important issue when can you buy health insurance in California? As of today the Affordable Care Act is still the law that means that you can buy health insurance during an open enrollment period among other things now if you would like to get health insurance for year 2019 then you should apply during the open enrollment period which is October 15 2018 through January 15 2009 teen this applies to plans sold in California either on or off the exchange now if you missed the spirit and you haven’t signed up for a health plan during this time that means that you are Sol or in other words you are strategically out of luck however if you have certain circumstances in your life you can still apply for health insurance outside of open enrollment now when I say certain circumstances I don’t mean that you can buy health insurance as soon as you break your leg and you need surgery not at all a special enrollment period includes one of the following see one of the following situation you lost our will soon your how to lose your health insurance you permanently moved to or within California you had a baby or adopted a child or became a foster parent or child you got married or entered into a domestic partnership returned from active duty military service or you gained citizenship or lawful presence they saw the main qualifying life events but there are a few other situations that some insurance companies could accept as well now it is very important to act quickly if you if any of the situations that I’ve mentioned earlier ply to you remember you have a limited time a qualifying life event day must be within 60 days to qualify for special enrollment if the life event date is more than 60 days in the past you will not qualify for special enrollment in other words you have 60 days to apply obviously the eligibility and coverage start dates are determined by the type and date of the qualifying life event and if you are still confused or have questions please feel free to reach out i’m a licensed insurance agent in california and can help with various issues like clarifying this information as well as help with the enrollment process and this is it no cost to you for those that don’t know it yet insurance agents don’t charge for their services but we are a tremendous resource so please reach out and use our services to your advantage remember by law the premium the insurance premium is the same whether you are getting the insurance with the help of an agent or doing it yourself alright thank you for watching everyone feel free to explore other videos on my youtube channel if you haven’t subscribed yet please please please do so this will not cost you a dime but it will encourage me to create more educational and useful videos like this and help people understand insurance and other topics related to personal finance again thank you for watching and stay with us  Visit WWW.AllInOneStore.info or Call 909-656-4885 To Speak to a Certified Insurance Agent

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