The litigation shaping the healthcare industry landscape [Sponsored]

The Litigation Shaping The Healthcare Industry Landscape

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Healthcare makes up a significant percentage of the U.S. economy, and the litigation in the healthcare sector accordingly involves multibillion-dollar disputes that encompass a broad range of civil, criminal, and administrative matters

While the ultimate litigation effects of the COVID-19 pandemic remain to be seen, the current high-profile healthcare claims are as varied as product liability and mass tort actions, antitrust and patent cases, and disputes involving the Affordable Care Act.

Given the size and prevalence of the healthcare litigation sector, it presents a significant opportunity for a variety of forms of litigation funding investment, ranging from funding single claims and funding law firms to pursue portfolios of claims, to monetizing claim portfolios for firms or companies.

Read our new white paper, in which Above the Law and Lake Whillans provide an in-depth look at the biggest litigation impacting the healthcare industry and explore the role that litigation finance may play.

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